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This page is a placeholder for the future site of gruis.net.

If you are the owner of gruis.net, please use the instructions to the right to begin FTP'ing files to your site and to setup your email client to send and receive mail.

If you are not the owner of gruis.net, please feel free to bookmark this address for future browsing. You may also wish to visit http://webhosting.netins.net/ to check out the other sites netINS hosts and about all the services we offer.

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Setting up FTP

To set up your FTP client and begin transferring files, follow these easy "quick set-up" instructions.

  1. Open your FTP application and create a new connection
  2. For hostname, use ftp.gruis.net ( leave host-type blank )
  3. Use the username and password supplied by netINS for the Username and Password fields
  4. Save and connect
  5. Once connected, you will need to move into the "docs" directory as this is the root location of your site and the place the webserver looks for your site.
  6. Upload your files and check out your site! Just make sure you have an index file with a proper extension ( .html, .htm, .shtml, .cgi, or .php )

If you are having difficulties or need information on another aspect of your site, please check out http://webhosting.netins.net/ for more information.

Setting up Email

Setting up email clients to check and send mail is relatively simple.

  1. For detailed assistance with several particular email clients please visit
    netINS Support
  2. Open your email client and create a new mail user/connection
  3. Set the Relay/SMTP server to smtp.gruis.net
  4. Enable Outgoing Authentication over port 587
  5. Set the Incoming/POP3 server to pop3.gruis.net
  6. Use the username and password supplied by netINS for the Username and Password fields
  7. Save and try sending email

Please keep in mind that netINS is only able to relay email from hosts on its own network. If you are using another Internet Service Provider, you will need to use their mailserver to relay your mail. If you have further questions, please point your browser at http://webhosting.netins.net/ for some good information.